Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shanti Bhavan Celebrates Christmas

The trees were dazzling with the decorations. The children waited with anticipation. The choir broke the silence with Christmas carols. The sounds of bells could be heard out as Santa Claus appeared with two elves.

The choir accompanied Santa Claus to stage. The atmosphere was filled with laugher and joy. Everyone was dancing to the beat of the music. Santa Claus gave out presents to the young seeds up to the grown trees.

It was a Merry Christmas!
- Praveen (8th Grade)


Edu said...

Great photos!
I remember very well my christmas at S.Bhavan. I'll never forget the children singing "feliz navidad" in spanish :)


Moonbird said...

I also remember my Christmas at Shanti Bhavan just last year. I love that everyone danced with Santa to hip hop!

Great photos here. All you young men look so handsome and you young women are so breathtakingly beautiful.