Monday, December 24, 2007

Shanti Bhavan Celebrates Christmas (Part II)

While we were dancing and singing around the Christmas tree one of the children shouted, "Santa has come! Santa has come!"

The burst of crackers and sparklers lit the sky and there was jolly, fat Santa and he had brought an attendant too with bells jingling and balloons waving.

The choir welcomed him with songs. I was so happy, I shook with excitement when it my turn to get a present from Santa. Then I danced with Santa to hip-hop music. Everybody danced and had a lot of fun.

Harshita of Pre-School was scared of Santa and would not come up to him. I was exhausted and hungry and we all sat down to eat Nan and butter chicken which was super. I relished the dinner. I felt elated after the party. Tired after all the fun, I was asleep as soon as I laid down

- Beena (10th grade).

Also check out this video of a Shanti Bhavan Christmas song!

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