Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Diwali!

7th graders enjoy a couple sparklers for Diwali at Shanti Bhavan earlier this week.

Grass Masala

"I'm sitting and making Masala. The Masala is grass. I make it with a rock." - Vikram (1st Grade)


"I'm jumping from the extension building. I stay in the Gym dorm, but we were having class there. I'm not the best jumper but I'm pretty good." - Chetan (5th Grade)

Flower Children

"Some children plucked these flowers for us and I went and held them. These girls are my friends." Janani (4th grade) [also pictured: Nandini and Mary Sheela (4th grade)]

Organic Farmers

"We took a part of the stem of a banana plant by our dorm and planted it here. There were a lot of ants so we put anteseptic Neem leaves around the stump to keep the ants away from it." - Shakthivel 8th Grade [pictured: Akash (5th Grade), Puneeth and Babu (8th Grade).

Miss Premi's Hindi Class

"Here, Miss Premi is teaching us Hindi. She's drawing fruits. She is nice at teaching. My favorite subject is actually Hindi." - Vasanth (2nd Grade)

Friday, October 3, 2008

"We built this tractor for a social studies play. It was a project about the grasslands of the world. I took the design from the tractor I saw at Shanti Bhavan and ones I've seen in movies." - Arun V, Fifth Grade. [Also pictured: Arun Kumar, Richard, Rajesh, Rahul]

One Legged Jumping

"We play Hop-Scotch holding our leg. We draw some boxes and throw a stone in the first box. Then we must jump over that box. I play with Nitya and some other girls at P.T. time." - Tulsi Priya, Second Grade.

Aunti Annie

"Aunti Annie is our school nurse and she takes care of us very well. We were 8-years-old when she was our house mother. She is loving and she is from Ooty, Tamil Nadu." - Bhavani, Fourth Grade [Pictured: Bhavani, Bhavana, Yesheshwini, Auntie Annie]

Side Coach and Rainbow

"I was the side coach for the big soccer match. I was showing when it was an 'out-ball'. Mr Daniel had me as side coach for the girl's basketball game, and since I did well, he asked me to do it again. I play forward and halfback when I am in the game." G. Vijay, Seventh Grade.

Big Soccer Match

"We had a soccer match for the 9th, 10th and 11th grade boys. It was a fierce match but in the end the Purple 'Pingo' team won 2-1 with a penalty goal. I play defender and in this photo. I am trapping the ball. I love soccer." - Kumar 9th Grade