Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Under the fig tree

Prashanth, Manju (6th), Shashi (7th), Gowtham and Poovarason (9th) relax by the fig tree outside their dorm after classes.

Moment for poetry

Akash (4th) writing a poem for English class.

Abhilasha's Pals on the PT Ground

"This picture was taken in the P.T. ground with all my friends." -Abhilasha, 3rd Grade, 14.2.08 [Abhilahsa (3rd), Bhuvaneshwari (3rd), Catsiya (4th), S.Pavithra (4th), Bhavana (3rd), Roselyn (3rd) and AngelMary (3rd)]

Karthik's Nature Scene

"This is a scenery of a tree which has given out new leaves. It looks very nice to me and I love nature." -Karthik, 8th Grade, 14.2.08

Chaitra's Fundamentals of Basketball

"Girls prove themselves as good as boys at games by practicing daily. This is a game of basketball against the few boys who wished to play." -Chaithra, 9th, 15/2/08 [Saritha (8th), Priscilla (8th), Maheshwari (8th), Nivya (8th), Prathiba (7th)]

Monkeys Thwarted at Shanti Bhavan

Two monkeys that Anushya and Karthik saw on campus one morning. Security was chasing them across the roofs so they wouldn't eat all of the fruits.

Selvan loves cycling!

Selvan (5th) and Anjali (volunteer) with a bike. Selvan loves cycling!