Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shanti Bhavan students also performed various traditional dances for guests. In this photo, sixth and seventh grade girls perform the graceful Kolatum dance, which involves interaction with other dancers using sticks.

First grade student Thenmozhi is a peacock in Peter Pan goes to India. “My job was to be a peacock and dance,” she said. When asked about her thoughts on how the play went, she exclaimed, “it was very nice!”

Shanti Bhavan students perform Peter Pan goes to India for their German guests. In this scene, Peter Pan meets village chieftain who welcomes him and his entourage to the Pongal celebrations. Students had been rehearsing for weeks; memorizing lines, dance steps, and preparing costumes. Thanks to the hard work of the children and staff, the production was a success!

Hosting the IGCC Annual Football Tournament, Shanti Bhavan cheerleaders and soccer players pose for a photo before the day’s festivities begin. Soccer players were divided into four color-coded teams: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.