Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kindergarden Storytellers

The Shiny Magic Kangaroo

Once upon a time, a Kangaroo was walking in the forest and an ant said "Hello!" to the Kangaroo. The Kangaroo went with the ant to its house. The ant gave food to the Kangaroo. The Kangaroo said "Bye" to the ant and went to his own house.

On the way, a lion came. The lion saw the Kangaroo and ate him up. The lion was sleepy and he slept under a tree. The Kangaroo turned in the lion’s stomach and the lion got frightened. Kangaroo made a hole in the lion’s stomach by a magic stick and came out. The Kangaroo jumped and went back to his house.

Then, a tiger came and knocked at the door. The Magic Kangaroo opened the door. The tiger said "Hello!" to the Kangaroo. The Kangaroo wanted to play with the tiger so they went to the park. They played nicely in the park with a ball. The tiger kicked the ball very hard and the ball got lost. The Kangaroo said, "It’s ok. I’ll do magic and bring the ball back." The Kangaroo said the magic words "Zooh Zooh Zah!" and the ball came back. The tiger was very happy.

They played for some more time. It became dark and they were very tired. So they walked back to the Kangaroo’s house. The tiger nearly got lost but luckily, he saw the Kangaroo who was shining in the dark. He followed the Kangaroo to the Kangaroo’s house and both the Kangaroo and the tiger went to sleep.

- The Kindergarten Class

Sindhu remembers volunteers

Friends We Knew

There are many ways to enrich our knowledge. One such way is with the help of volunteers. Volunteers share their skills and experiences, which is a fun way to learn about the world outside Shanti Bhavan.

The first volunteer to meet us after the 2005 summer vacation was Orly Friedman. Since she hails from the Jewish community, she gave us vast information about her faith including the festivals celebrated. She introduced us to Shakespearean plays, one of which was Romeo and Juliet. She also taught us games that developed team spirit and co-operation.

There were many other volunteers from all over the world who enlightened us in many fields. Jean fascinated us with her wonderful voice and introduced us to the history of music. She also improved our tennis skills. Rachel was a fabulous ballet dancer. Her performance had us transfixed in wonder for over an hour.

Jasmin, Maxime, Julie and Maryanne were medical students who shared their knowledge of health, hygiene, skating, basketball and aeronautics. Jasmine really fascinated us with his stunts during our skating classes. Jasmin and Maxime were very good actors. They came well prepared for their sessions and presented very well. We liked and still remember their classes.

Lindsay enhanced our reading skills. Patrick taught music and a few new games. Sarah taught chemistry and art. Eduard encouraged us in the field of computers and helped us in math.

- Sindhu, Grade 9

Meena's Meditations on Plants and Animals

We need plants and animals everywhere around us. Otherwise, we will not be able to live. Animals need shelter and a clean environment to live in. They need a clean place too. They need good plants everywhere. The plants help us too, by taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. The animals also need plants to eat. They need good air to breathe.
- Meena Devi Gopi, Grade 2

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thangaraj's thoughts on Early Man.

Men of the past
Had no caste
They lived in caves
And were as strong as the waves,
Designed silver and gold
Beautiful and old,
And also,
Axes and knives
To save their lives

- Thangaraj, 5th grade

Thangaraj and his classmate Naveen square off on the basketball court.

Nivya's Poetry

How sweet is the sweetest plum?
How loud is the loudest drum?
How long can someone wobble?
How fast can someone gobble?
How light is the lightest feather?
How tough is the toughest leather?
How far is the farthest star?
How thick is the thickest tar?
How busy is the busiest bee?
How large is the largest sea?
How white is the whitest dove?
How strong is the strongest love?

-Nivya, 7th grade

In addition to poetry Nivya's got some skills on the pitch...

Nice poem, nice header!

Shanti Bhavan: A Star In The Sky
It’s a star in the sky
Amongst the mist of clouds
Slowly rising to shine
It works all day long
Raining knowledge on the children
Lighting their lives to shine
Volunteers come from abroad
Teachers come to teach
Housemothers come to take care
Up, up into space we go
Getting ready to show the world
The talent we have within us
To make the world a better place for everyone.

-Keshavan, 7th grade