Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sindhu remembers volunteers

Friends We Knew

There are many ways to enrich our knowledge. One such way is with the help of volunteers. Volunteers share their skills and experiences, which is a fun way to learn about the world outside Shanti Bhavan.

The first volunteer to meet us after the 2005 summer vacation was Orly Friedman. Since she hails from the Jewish community, she gave us vast information about her faith including the festivals celebrated. She introduced us to Shakespearean plays, one of which was Romeo and Juliet. She also taught us games that developed team spirit and co-operation.

There were many other volunteers from all over the world who enlightened us in many fields. Jean fascinated us with her wonderful voice and introduced us to the history of music. She also improved our tennis skills. Rachel was a fabulous ballet dancer. Her performance had us transfixed in wonder for over an hour.

Jasmin, Maxime, Julie and Maryanne were medical students who shared their knowledge of health, hygiene, skating, basketball and aeronautics. Jasmine really fascinated us with his stunts during our skating classes. Jasmin and Maxime were very good actors. They came well prepared for their sessions and presented very well. We liked and still remember their classes.

Lindsay enhanced our reading skills. Patrick taught music and a few new games. Sarah taught chemistry and art. Eduard encouraged us in the field of computers and helped us in math.

- Sindhu, Grade 9

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