About Us

A unique model of education.
An innovative solution to poverty.

Shanti Bhavan is a home and exceptional school located in rural Tamil Nadu, India, for the region’s most socially and economically disadvantaged children. The school follows a completely unique and innovative model of combating poverty, educating the poor and fighting social injustice. Admitting students at the age of four, Shanti Bhavan provides a holistic, high quality education until the age of 17 free of cost, and subsequently funds college education for its students. No other model of educational intervention commits the same level of long-term and quality investment in the lives of the children it serves, or holds more promise for their futures and those of their families.

Established in September 1997, Shanti Bhavan evolved from the recognition that the innate abilities of impoverished children are no different from those of their more fortunate peers. Given a quality education and constant encouragement, they will realize their full potential as successful, productive members of society. Shanti Bhavan recognizes that a nation’s most valuable asset is its children. They are its future, its hope for a better tomorrow.

A rigorously trained professional staff including educators, housemothers, health professionals and administrators create a climate of love, warmth, spirituality, respect and appreciation.

The school is accredited by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi. The curriculum is consistent with that of top educational institutions, covering a wide array of subjects. Formal instruction in the initial three years is limited to language and mathematics. English is the medium of instruction, and Hindi and Tamil are taught by the fourth year. The children are also encouraged to pursue interests in sports, games, art, dance, music and drama.

The goal of Shanti Bhavan, as described by the Founder, Dr. George, is “to develop every aspect of the children’s personalities so that they become well-rounded individuals and achieve their full potential.”

Students are encouraged to ask questions, carry out community service, and seek challenging activities to stretch the limits of their capabilities. The school supports the spiritual development of children, and seeks to instill in them universally accepted values of honesty, integrity and transparency that are crucial for success.

With the world-class education our children receive, leadership positions and professional careers in engineering, science, law, medicine and education will be within their reach. The children of Shanti Bhavan will be more than professional achievers – they will hopefully be good human beings and role models for others. A multitude of such successes will create a better and brighter future for many poor families, permanently breaking the vicious cycle of economic and social disadvantage.

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